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TGIF everyone (Thank God It's Friday)

Let's jump straight into this week's trend report.

First, we'll start off with some brands that could've done things a little differently to drive more engagement. Then we'll analyze current trends on Tiktok and see what brands can do to nail their content.

NYX Cosmetics
Why it doesn't work:
  • Doing an ASMR video was the right idea... but it wasn't executed in a very ASMR way
  • Doesn't do anything to promote the product
  • Nails feel random, not sure what their purpose is
  • Not very satisfying organization
  • No sound used
Why it doesn't work:
  • Lots of the video has nothing special happening
  • No popular sound used
  • Doesn't call for future engagement
  • Lots of ad heavy copy on the screen like the Lowe's logo
Why it doesn't work:
  • Very clearly an ad right off the bat
  • Doesn't use popular sounds or hashtags
  • Doesn't tell you anything about the car
  • Not clear what the angle is here
Why it doesn't work:
  • Nothing is happening for a lot of the video
  • Clips are too long
  • Not close up to the food itself
  • Doesn't look very appetizing
  • Should've used a different sound

Everyone loves a transformation.

This video by creator @meredithduxbury is a great example of how to nail a transition video. She starts off by doing her makeup messy for the shock value. Everyone sees it and assumes the look will either be terrible or they will get to see a major transformation, both of which make them stay until the end of the video. In the end, her makeup looks great and you can't even tell that it started off rough.

Brand adaptation: No matter what you're selling, you can come up with some sort of transformation video based on your products. Maybe it's a before and after of your ingredients being turned into food, or a production line of parts turning into a fully formed product. This is also a great way to show potential clients your process and your ingredients.

"Berries and cream, berries and cream..." This song is taking over Tiktok!

This audio by @hoopsmcelroy with a man singing "Berries and cream, berries and cream, I'm a little lad who loves berries and cream." The sound is trending and videos are popping up every day with new and clever adaptations. The most common use of the sound is making fun of things for looking like they come from the olden days. The man in the original video is wearing a very old fashioned outfit and so people like user @cls1999 use it to make fun of things like the clothes at Target for looking colonial. 

Brand adaptation: Poke fun at your competitor for having some sort of outdated product or practice with the song playing. It will make fun of them for not keeping up with the times, while also showing that you are modern and on-trend. People also love some internet controversy between brands so stir up some playful jokes and get going with some hashtags like #berriesandcream and #colonialvibes. 

Always remember that engagement is key. Here are some fool-proof ways to drive your audience to engage with your content:

Jump on a trend

The trend is your friend! Always make sure that you know what everyone on the app is talking about because otherwise, you're missing out on a golden opportunity to take advantage of the algorithm.

Reply to your mentions

If people mention you in their comments, take the time to respond thoughtfully. Even a well-delivered one-word answer can get tons of likes and engagement.

Duet a video

In this case, somebody has done the heavy lifting for you by coming up with the basis for your content, your job is simply to react in an interesting way

This trend is hilarious, and there are tons of different ways it can be used:


This trend features people trying to get into contact with somebody but failing and so they dress up and sneak into wherever said person is whether it's work, a party, etc. Here we see creator @dre.andreaa saying that her dad wasn't answering his phone so she showed up to his job site. We see her wearing a full construction outfit, because the joke is that she's going to blend in. 


Similarly, we see creator @kailuminatti dressed in a going out dress with a wig on because the girl he wants to talk to blocked him so he dressed up and showed up to her girl's night. 

Brand adaptation: This is a great opportunity to be creative! The world is your oyster with this one. But here's a potential idea... Say you're a fast food chain like McDonalds. You could say "when she doesn't answer your texts so you show up as her cashier" and then have a person dressed like a McDonalds cashier with the green screen effect making it look like they're at register. 

Sometimes, ideas don't go as planned. And sometimes, the fallout is really entertaining for viewers:

Creator starts of the video by saying "me thinking going on vacation with my best friend was a good idea" while smiling in the car. She then shows herself close up looking upset with the caption "now we hate eachother."

Brand adaptation: "Me thinking creating the softest and most sustainable sweatshirt on the market was a good idea" and then the next scene is an influx of receipts or a phone ringing off the hook with the caption "now i can't catch a break from all the orders"

The trending 'good soup' audio actually has nothing to do with real soup...

Here creator @user172748353 films himself brushing his teeth with the caption "Me sucking the water out of my toothbrush when I was 8" while the audio says "that's some good soup." The joke is that it was a universal experience that kids sucked the water out of their toothbrushes for the taste. Similarly, creator @lorengray 's good soup is when she's crying and a tear rolls into her mouth. 

Brand adaptation: Like we said, this trend has nothing to do with soup just some sort of liquid. The liquid in question will really depend on what it is that you're selling. If you're selling clothes, show the runoff of water when you dye your fabrics. If you sell art, show glaze or some sort of material being applied to your product. Food production? Show the liquid from the food collecting. There are lots of options here. 

Chipotle has a knack for driving engagement on Tiktok. Let's check out what they're up to...

In this video, @chipotle uses a green screen effect to show a tweet saying "forget your zodiac, do you eat your chipotle bowls side to side or mixed?" with the caption "astrology Tiktok keep scrolling." This works for several different reasons. First of all asking a question directly to the audience is a great way to encourage people to comment. Secondly, the use of hashtags is great. They reference astrology, manifestation, and other popular topics on the app in order to catch a wide variety of user's attention. Some people might not be interested in Chipotle, but they're interested in #astrology and they come across the video when scrolling through the astrology hashtag content. The video also works well because Chipotle took the time to go and respond to different comments to show that they are engaged with their audience. Direct interaction between brand and audience like this makes people feel like the brand actually cares about them and that they are on trend. This makes content feel less like an ad, and more like a regular Tiktok by a friend. 

Brand adaptation: Ask a polarizing question about something in your industry. If it's food, make a video like Chipotle asking how people eat it. People love polarizing internet questions, remember the blue and black dress that took the internet by storm when people couldn't decide if it was blue and black or gold and white? Disagreement encourages sharing. If you're a clothing brand, ask if people wear things this or that way. The options here are really endless as there is always some way it could apply to your brand. 

Weve given you our tips for this week, so get out there and start making captivating content! See you next week.