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What'sThe Tea

What's the tea = the modern "what's the 411"

Miss us? Don't worry, were back with this week's trend report!

After we take a look at this weeks standout brand videos, we'll dive into current popular trends and how brands can adapt them for their own interests.


Why it works:

  • Popular song
  • Funny
  • Makes you imagine how refreshing the drink must be
  • Gets you hyped up


Why it works:
  • Shows people a new twist on a household snack 
  • Beginning is playful and funny
  • Good product placement with the bag in the background
  • Gives you something to go try yourself 


Why it works:
  • Playing off of a viral fan tweet about combining mayonnaise and Oreos
  • Shows that they are up to date with trends 
  • Makes the brand feel reachable
  • Voiceover used well
  • Ending encourages further audience participation


Why it works:
  • Super relatable
  • Exemplifies the less glamorous side of work from home
  • Makes the brand seem in touch with the everyday person
  • Funny how he tries to stay optimistic
  • Not visibly an ad until you look at who posted the video

If you've been on Tiktok this week, you'll recognize this trend right away.

Tiktoker @iconaklast has become known for creating the viral Reba McEntire trend. He listens to McEntire sing "I'm a survivor" as he takes out the expired milk from the fridge. He even goes as far as dressing like her, but that isn't usually seen in other versions.

Brand adaptation idea: use this opportunity to show off something special about your brand. Film your product in the production phase and show how hard your staff works. Or show your small business hand writing thank yous to clients while mouthing "I'm a survivor."

Use the astrology/Tarot craze to your advantage!

Tarot card readings and astrology predictions are everywhere on Tiktok, and they're the perfect for you as a brand. Get a stack of tarot cards and tell people that they will be buying your product in the future. It's funny and on trend. Or, compare each astrological sign to one of your different lines ie if you sell food, compare each sign to a different food that you sell. The best part of astrology videos, besides the fact that they get so much engagement, is that there are too many signs to fit in one video. And people will come back to your page to see when their sign has finally been posted. Plus, there are always new phases of the moon, and other things to touch on with astrology. You'll never run out of content. 

Quick checklist to consider when making a brand Tiktok

Is this trying too hard?

With authenticity on the forefront of viewers' minds these days, forced content is very obvious. Make sure that you seem genuine and not #fake.

Who is the target audience?

Are you targetting Gen Z or millenials? Both? Make sure you understand what your target audience likes because they're now used to tailored content thanks to the FYP (Tiktok For You Page) algorithm.

Is it engaging right off the bat?

People decide in a split second if they are going to watch a full video or keep on scrolling... so make sure that the beginning of your video makes people stop and watch for more

Some trends play on getting people "in their feels." Don't miss the chance to make everyone nostalgic

Another popular trend right now features people with their elderly pets who have lived through an impressive number of life milestones. For example, Tiktoker @slowsundays.__ (shown above) features her 18 year old dog that she has had since the 5th grade. Her dog has managed to live to see her turn 29 and get married, and the video really tugs on your heart strings. 

Brand adaptation idea: How old is your brand? If you're an older brand in particular this trend is great for you. Show yourself at the beginning maybe with a different logo or mascot and show how much you have changed. People feel nostalgia for brands that they grew up with as well, and people love feeling nostalgic. 

It's time for the Trendulator (Pun intended as the lyrics of the song are "It's time for the Twerkulator")


In this video, a group of friends participates in the popular trend where people dance to the City Girls song "Twerkulator." Meanwhile on the screen they write "is she hot or..." and then something that they're attracted to even if it's a red flag. For example, "is she hot or is she just ignoring me" means the guy is wondering if he's actually attracted to the girl in question or if he's just enthralled by the chase because she's ignoring him.

Brand Adaptation Idea:

This trend can be used by literally any brand. Here are some examples: Is she hot or is she just wearing Crocs? Is she hot or does she just use Colgate? Is he hot or does he just use Dove for Men? Is he hot or does he just use Gilette Razors?

Even the Olympians are joining in the trends this year!

This trend might seem a bit vulgar, but it's super viral and the wording can be adapted. In this trend, the person in the video pretends to cry after hearing something upsetting the person they want to sleep with. They make a joke out of how upset they act in order for the other person to believe they deeply care. 

Brand adaptation idea: Say you're McDonald's trying to make a video to this trend 

Customer: My Shake Shack Burger wasn't good 

Ronald McDonald: *Crying* and the screen says Me trying to sell to them instead of me trying to smash

Everybody "lives for the tea" on Tiktok (lives for the drama)

Sad that were at the last example? Don't worry, we're here every week! 

In this trend, people lip sync to the song "No Me Diga" which starts off "Bueno, you didn't hear this from me, but some little birdie told me..." At that point, somebody in the video tells a secret to somebody else present. We as the viewers can only hear the song and can't actually hear the secret, so we rely on the reaction of the person being confessed to. 

Brand adaptation idea: Take this opportunity to poke fun at your competitor. Make the caption that you're telling your friend something about a competing brand and then when the secret is revealed make them look upset or grossed out. Everyone will wonder what the secret is and people will speculate in the comments.