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What'sThe Tea

What's the tea = the modern "what's the 411"

Social media strategy and influencer marketing can be much more complicated than they seem. Weve decided to do our part by highlighting some trends and explaining wtf (what the f) is going on on all these different apps and why some accounts really stand out among the rest. Obviously our influencers are experts in the space, but we want to give brands a chance to better understand the current online consumer market.

Let's break down some viral Tiktoks to understand which brands are leading by example in the space

Ryan Air

Why it works:

  • playing on a current trend
  • popular sound goes along with theme
  • making fun of the fact that they sounded so old they could've been from medieval times
  • shows they're keeping up with trends
  • doesn't feel like an ad


Why it works:

  • recreation of popular iphone game Subway Surfer
  • lots of other Tiktoks about the game, very relevant
  • doesn't feel forced
  • very little of the actual video has product/name placement

Sand Tagious

Why it works:

  • satisfying/asmr trend
  • good camera quality
  • no words needed, the video speaks for itself


Why it works:

  • plays on current trend of showing people their reflection in the black screen
  • makes a personal connection to the audience
  • great targeting of audience but still appealing to others because of the trendiness

*The secret to marketing now is the shift from a corporate to a personal feel

Hailey Bieber, comes from a famous family, unattainable lifestyle, celebrity from birth

Wisdom Kaye, scouted by IMG Models from Tiktok, featured in Vogue, could be anybody, started from the ground up

Diverse Body Types > Traditional Model Size

Major shift in consumer mentality, people want to see themselves represented rather than just seeing an unattainable ideal

Body positivity is a trending topic across social media platforms these days. Examples of trends featuring #bodypositivity include calling out other creators for glorifying eating disorders, and showing celebrities with their edited photos next to candid paparazzi photos to highlight that bodies on social media are not always what they appear to be in person. 

Ways to engage other content effectively

Blind React

film yourself reacting to a video on a relevant subject without ever having seen it before so everybody can experience the initial moment with you


Create a video alongside somebody elses content. This allows you to build on their existing video content. For example, if you're a brand, react to somebody using your product!


on Tiktok, the comments are sometimes even more interesting than the video itself. Try to engage with other comments or leave your own!

No two platforms are the same...


- dominated by celebrities and influencers
- idealized version of life
- photoshop and facetune are very common 
- difficult to go viral without an established following
- tends to focus on the best/most photo-worthy moments in peoples lives 


- dominated by the everyday person
- not many brands or celebrities present yet
- anybody can go viral within a matter of hours
- people often post very candid content, often #oversharing if anything 
- humor and trending sounds are the basis for most trends

Top Most Followed:

Cristiano Ronaldo

One of the World's best soccer players, named the 'Player of the Century' at the Globe Soccer Awards

Charli D'amelio

Became famous at age14 off a Tiktok dance, and gained more than 5 million followers in a week

Feed Content

- Driven by aesthetic
- Highlight reel of people's lives
- Grid themes: color, format, etc
- popular topics: lifestyle, makeup, fashion, travel

- Driven by variety of varying factors, trends change from day to day
- Behind the scenes look at peoples' lives popular topics: current events, humor, lifestyle, makeup, aesthetic, asmr

Branded Content

Here you can see Addison Rae, a major influencer among Gen-Zers, promoting skincare on Instagram vs on Tiktok. 

You'll notice that in the Instagram post, Addison looks very made up and editorial. The photo appears to be from a professional on-set photoshoot for the company, and everything has been staged from the lighting to the set. In the Tiktok ad on the other hand, she is sitting in her bathroom, with her mother and her younger brother. She also has her brother jokingly feed her grapes to show that the products make her feel like she's at the spa. Both posts received millions of likes, while employing very different strategies. This shows both that Addison has a following across multiple channels, and that she successfully caters her strategy to each platform she's on. When working on different platforms, as a brand or an influencer, it's important to keep in mind what works on one site might not work on another.