The Only Data Platform that 

Fights Influencer Fraud, Tracks Attribution, Predicts Success 

Fraudulent Engagement Detection

Kyndoo is currently the only platform that is able to detect fraudulent followers, comments, and irregular engagement activity on influencers' profiles.

Attribution – Beyond The Swipe

Our team of analysts and our proprietary systems help our brand partners to simultaneously track multiple campaigns, in real-time, across influencers posts, stories, and platforms.

Data Network Effects

A combination of our proprietary data, ai tech-stack, and business intelligence programming allows multi-touch attributions and predict performance before a brand commits to an influencer.

Content and Caption Intelligence

Our systems transforms content data into actionable insights to help brands optimize their headlines and captions resulting in further reach and boosted engagement.

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The Future is Direct to Community!

A cohesive brand community is invested in your brand beyond the products. They will promote your brand forever resulting in steady growth. A brand community starts with one person.  Kyndoo has helped their brand partners build their community by using a combination of third party and our proprietary data, our business intelligence platform, and our unique processes to create a panel of vetted influencers. Nine out of ten times, our brand partners agree with our influencer selects who also out perform business goals.

KYA (Know Your Audience) 

KYA (rhymes with HI'YA) is our data process. It allows us to find and vet both micro and established influencers based on the audience you are targeting. 
Though it may be appealing to choose influencers with large audiences, a large audience means nothing if their followers are not your sought-after demographic. Did you know Kyndoo is the only company to offer audience MSA data and audience interests at no additional charge to the brand? 


Using caption and visual recognition Kyndoo discovers up and coming influencers and identifies those life moments, like a new baby that receives high engagement for even non-influencers. We can tell you who is engaged, pregnant, their new dog's names, and all of the real information their followers love. Kyndoo provides new opportunities for brands to become natural partners for the everyday moments – not the staged ones.

The Kyndex

At Kyndoo, we Kyndex.  We Kyndex to vet every influencers and their audiences to ensure your products get in front of real people with a buying intent. The Kyndex is calculated from influencer, channel and audience insights data which compiles millions of data points to generate a score. The Kyndex score is measuring the authenticity of an influencer’s audience and their level of engagement with the influencer’s content. We leverage the Kyndex score and audience data to ensure we are pairing a brand's product with the ideal  influencer audiences.

Niche and Micro Influencers

As our brand partners seek influencers with an even narrower focus on hyper local influencers, we continue to refine and develop our strategies. Based on a brand goals, we create a process that is right for you. We find influencers that are influential in their local communities and amongst their family, friends and neighbors or ones that are experts in a particular field or vocation.  We handle it all – from developing a panel of micro influencers to optimizing captions to campaign tracking and reporting.

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