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At Kyndoo, we Kyndex.  

We vet every influencer and their followers to ensure brands' products are getting in front of real people with the intent to buy.

Kyndoo's Kyndex Score is calculated from millions of data points compiled from influencers, social channels, follower insights, and posts in order to generate a score. This score reveals the authenticity of influencers, their followers and their level of engagement, interests and city they are from. 

See for yourself! Fill out the form and request a Kyndex Report on an influencer, yourself or a friend! Find out who is Fake Famous and who is a Real Influencer with real followers. 

Help Kyndoo expose influencer fraud! Even HBO is exposing the truth with their recent documentary FakeFamous. Fake Famous shows how three ordinary people become #FakeFluencers. 

We believe all brands should feel confident with the influencers they are working with.  Additionally, we are debunking #Fakefluencers so real influencers get the recognition and compensation they deserve. Let's work together to rip open the shades and let the light in.  

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Who is Fake Famous and who is a Real Influencer? Get a Your Campaign Discount + Free Kyndex Report today..