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You work on content, we Kyndoo the rest

Influencer First.

What do we mean by "Influencer first?"  We mean that in everything we do here at Kyndoo we ask ourselves this question: “How will this help our influencers showcase their authenticity and professionalize their business?” If we can’t answer that question, we won’t do it.  We know that influencer marketing is not what the media makes it out to be. it's not all fun and lavish gifts.  We know that often influencers are creating content, editing, posting, managing their clients, and engaging their audiences all on their own.  We know what they really are: Small Business Owners.  We’re here to help you.  Kyndoo’s goal is to provide you a platform and tools where you can manage your business End-to-End. And we know we aren’t 100% there just yet. But we will be.  If there is anything you think will make doing your job easier, feel free to reach out and share it with me. Email me directly at


Kelly McDonald

Founder and CEO

You keep 100% of your Earnings!

Yes, you read that right. We know how much work you put into each post, and so Kyndoo does not collect any fees from influencers – you keep 100% of your earnings. Your success is our success. We are here to build tools to make managing your business and creating new, engaging content much easier for you. There’s really nothing to lose especially if you’re a legitimate influencer who is hustling every day to put out authentic, relevant content.

No fees or in-kind offers

Show them you're legit with your realtime media kit

Say goodbye to updating and attaching the PDF version of your media kit. Having an online portfolio with metrics updated in real-time looks more sophisticated and professional; likewise it is much easier for your clients to view a clickable link sent via email. Your followers and most recent content will be automatically synced to your Kyndoo profile. Additionally, you can create packages and dictate your own pricing for potential clients to consider. To make things full-circle, Kyndoo is the only place where you can request and showcase reviews from brands you've previously worked with both on Kyndoo and off Kyndoo.

Don't tell them what you can do, show them what you Kyndoo

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