Kyndoo Works In 4 Simple Steps

Post Your Offer

Post an offering. Give it a title. Tell us what platform you will post on and how. Tell us what you'll do, what you'll charge and how long it generally takes you to complete a campaign.

Get Hired

All of Kyndoo's influencers are verified before their offerings go live or before they can accept a request from a business. And our influencers can also be assured that we collect payment from the businesses upfront.

Complete Campaign

Kyndoo has been built with the ease of use for our clients in mind. We have all the tools you need to manage the business and communicate with each other throughout the process. Use Kyndoo's built-in chat feature.

Get Paid

All payments are made through Kyndoo. With Kyndoo Protection, only pay after 100% satisfaction and approved work has been completed. Payments can be made with any major credit card or through PayPal.

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Finally, an Influencer First Marketplace

What do we mean by "Influencer first?"  We mean that in everything we do here at Kyndoo we ask ourselves this question: “How will this help our influencers showcase their authenticity and professionalize their business?” If we can’t answer that question, we won’t do it.  We know that influencer marketing is not what the media makes it out to be.  We know that its not all free vacations and lavish gifts.  We know that often influencers are creating content, editing, posting, managing their clients and engaging their audiences all on their own.  We know what they really are: Small Business Owners.  We’re here to help you.  Kyndoo’s goal is to provide you a platform and tools where you can manage your business End-to-End. And we know we aren’t 100% there just yet. But we will be.  If there is anything you think will make doing your job easier, feel free to reach out and share it with me. Email me directly at


Kelly McDonald

Founder and CEO

Connect Your Social Platforms

Connect your social media accounts and we will automatically update your follower counts and pull in your most recent content and put it alongside your offerings.  You can also showcase past collaborations and older content that you want brands to see.

Clearly Communicate

Stop searching your inbox for the information on what #’s the brand wanted to use in the posting.  You can now find everything you need at the campaign level.  Talk in real time with your clients through our chat feature. You can load documents and images. You can even set milestones and deadlines so both sides know exactly what to expect and when.

Payment Protection

Never chase a brand for payment again.  We all work too hard to have to chase someone down to get paid for the work we do.  Kyndoo collects the payment from the brands upfront.  When you complete the campaign, we release the fund directly to you.  What's more, Kyndoo doesn't believe in allowing our brands to only pay "In-Kind" The minimum offering allowed for a campaign is $200. If they can't afford that for a high-quality campaign from a professional influencer, then we aren't the platform for them. And we're okay with that. 

Did You Know That Brands Hire An Average of Five Influencers Per Campaign?

We exist to help you make more money and we're aiming to be a tool where you can manage your entire business.  We want you to be able to manage all your clients and campaigns in Kyndoo.  Not only do we not charge influencers for our services, but when you refer brands to work with you on Kyndoo, they will not be charged our service fee when they hire you, and you'll also earn a commission when they hire other influencers on our platform too. Since most brands are hiring 5 influencers anyway, why not help them find other great influencers just by referring them to the platform and earn a little extra dough.  If you would like to join our referral program, please email for your referral code and instructions on how to make sure you get credit for the brands you refer to Kyndoo.  

Refer Brands and Earn!! - Commissions Per Tier

Total Brand Spend Per Campaign Every Brand Using your referral code you earn a % of Kyndoo's fee When you have more than 10 brands using your code
Less Than $1000 USD 5% 30%
$1001 USD - $5000 USD 10% 30%
$5001 USD - $10000 USD 15% 30%
More Than $10000 USD 20% 30%
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