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Frequently asked questions

The Kyndex score measures your follower authenticity and engagement. It is currently most heavily weighted on Instagram but in the near future, we will take into account brand reviews, comment sentiment and other levers that will increase the accuracy of the level of influence.  

There are three formulas typically used for calculating ER by Reach:

ERR = Total Reactions/Reach * 100%

Average ERR = Total ERR/Count of Posts * 100%

or you can go with

Average ERR = Total Reactions/Unique Reach

The Kyndex Score is an evolving method and we review it often.  Currently, we measure Instagram and YouTube accounts and the models offer a holistic view based on audience authenticity, engagement, and branded performance along with a few other factors. The influencer is benchmarked against other influencers in the same category of influence and of similar total follower counts. The goal of the Kyndex is to measure the influencer's ability to put a brand in front of a genuine audience that is actively engaged with the influencer and drive commerce.  The Kyndex score is updated daily at midnight PST.
This is the percentage of followers that are likely to see everything you post and the percentage of those folks that are deemed to be "real people"
There are a variety of reasons that your score may not be where you like it.  Most often this would be due to the number of suspicious accounts or mass followers associated with your account. There are several apps on the market that can help you rid your account of these followers.  It's important to note that all accounts have some number of suspicious accounts and mass followers as that is the nature of social influence.  However, those benchmark numbers are already baked into your score.  If you want a further analysis that isn't obvious from the tooltips on the Kyndex report, please email us at and we'll be happy to give you personalized advice at no charge on how you can improve your follower authenticity and ultimately your score. 
We do offer white label services for PR firms and Agencies.  Please contact for more information. 
First off, Welcome to Kyndoo, we are excited to have you join our platform of quality, vetted influencers who care about professionalizing the influencer business.  You are probably wondering where you go to apply to brand campaigns. On Kyndoo, the brands come to you, so as long as you've set-up your profile (using great profile photos, logged into social accounts to verify your identity and added your previous collaborations) all you need to do is sit back and relax.  Now we know you aren't really sitting back.  You are likely very busy creating content and engaging with your audience and while it might feel odd at first not spending hours on our site filling out RFPs, its because you won't need to waste that time because we are driving the brands to you. The reason you have to do that on other sites is that they don't have the level of metrics we provide to brands.  Our brands know what they are looking for and our filters allow them to quickly find the influencers whose audience demographics and total reach meet their needs.