Kyndoo Works in 4 Simple Steps

Find your Influencer

Compare influencers in your niche based on deliver, community size, their reviews and their portfolio.

Negotiate the Campaign

Communicate before, during and after the campaign. you can upload documents, chats in real time and request customized campaigns.

Make the Payment

With Kyndoo,both the sides of the marketplace receive payment protection making it that much easier to get started.Your money is safe untill the campaign is complete.

See the Results

In 2018 Brands, thats engaged in influencer marketing saw an average return of $6.50 for every doller spent.That is expected to double in the coming year.

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Influencer Marketing Is an Opaque Business. It Doesn’t Have to Be!

Influencer marketing can be one of the most powerful methods to get your product in front of the right audience at the right time. The problem is, the industry has grown too fast and it's become very difficult know which influencers are real and which ones are #fake. That’s where Kyndoo comes in to help you.  Our influencers are all vetted for their authenticity and their ability to drive results. These are professional influencers who understand their audience, care about the content they create and are particular in who they will represent. We're excited to be leading the charge in driving transparency in this industry.  Help us, help you! 

Working with Influencers shouldn't be a solution that you throw a bag of cash toward and hope that they can drive results for your business.  Kyndoo allows you to find quality influencers that will fit any budget.  Our influencers post their base rates for their efforts so you know prior to engaging what you can expect to pay.  You can also see the influencers brand mention performance in their profile so you can calculate the cost per engagement. 

We know that results matter and that’s why we only allow vetted influencers into our network.  You’ll see on each influencer's profile that they’ve added their social media accounts that give you count levels. You will also find we take it a few steps futher with the Kyndex. The Kyndex is a set of demographic and audience authenticity metrics that allow you to see behind the follower count and engagement rate and peer into exactly what your influencer’s audience really looks like and how they were obtained. 

Be as hands on or as hands off as you need. Our Influencers are all professional business owners who are ready to do a great job for you. Our tools allow them to set timelines and milestones so you'll never be out of the loop. If you prefer to drive the timeline, you also can add in timeline and milestones to the campagins dashboard.

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