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Audience Authentication

We know the hardest part of influencer marketing is figuring out if your influencer's audience is real or not. We analyze the audience of our influencers and show you the results. You'll never have to worry again that the influencers you hire have just bought all their followers.

Audience Demographics, Location and Interests

Know you are targeting the right audience. Kyndoo is the only company to offer audience MSA data and Interests at no additional charge to the brand.

Fraudulent Engagement Detection

Kyndoo is currently the only marketplace that is able to detect fraudulent comments and engagement activity on an influencer's profile.

Real Results From Real Clients

On Kyndoo you can read 100% verified reviews from the influencer's previous clients.

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Influencer Marketing Doesn't Have to Give You a Headache!

Influencer marketing can be one of the most powerful methods to get your product in front of the right audience at the right time. The problem is, the industry has grown too fast and it's become very difficult know which influencers are real and which ones are #fake. That’s where Kyndoo comes in to help you.  Our influencers are all vetted for their authenticity and their ability to drive results. These are professional influencers who understand their audience, care about the content they create and are particular in who they will represent. We're excited to be leading the charge in driving transparency in this industry.  Help us, help you! 

Want to know the secret to great influencer marketing campaigns? It's simple. The secret is a real collaboration between the brand and the influencer.  And at Kyndoo you'll find that we don't have any middlemen to get in the way of greatness.  We've designed the platform so its easy to use and easy to communicate with each other. We are not a creative services agency disguised marketplace and we don't intend to become one.  Which means you won't pay high retainer fees to work with us either. We strongly believe that the brand and influencer working and speaking together to create the right message for the right audience is what made influencer marketing success and its what will continue to bring success for those who embrace collaborating with one another. 

We have no limits to the number of campaigns you can publish or the number of influencers that you invite to work with you!  We also provide two different options on how to to create campaigns.  You can post an ad and let influencers apply to your campaign.  Or if you know exactly what you are looking for you can use our incredible search results to find the perfect set of influencers to help you. 100% of our influencers have opted in and are ready to hear from you. Our Influencers have collectively worked with more than eight hundred name brands across all types of industries. No matter what type of influencer you need, we can help you. 

We started Kyndoo to help good influencers stand out from the bad ones and make it easy for brands to be able to tell the difference between the two.  But its quickly grown into so much more.  Over the past few years, a few bad apples have given the influencer marketing industry a bad name and as an industry, we're now at a cross in the road. In one direction the industry becomes a transactional and spray and pray method of marketing. In the other direction, it can become a business of great relationships and deliberate, thoughtful product positioning showcased by people who truly care about what will help make the lives of their audience better. We're going down the second path. Kyndoo aims to help restore the authenticity and integrity that made this type of marketing so amazing by driving transparency and democratizing the data to help you make influencer hiring decisions with the confidence that you'll see great results. 

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