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Frank Belzer

. Jun 17 . 2 min read

Finding an Influencer as a Brand is Like Online Dating

The use of apps for dating is recent but the principles are centuries old. The premise of dating is to find the perfect match and whether that is done via a friend, a matchmaker, a social circle, or a dating service there are a few common themes. First, you need to understand yourself, what are your likes and dislikes, hobbies, and interests etc. Secondly you need to understand what you desire in a companion. Once both are completed – let the matching begin!

The advantages of these apps and programs are that a person can consider many more potential partners, they can do so quickly and efficiently and thanks to the screening capabilities offered they can assure you are meeting people that are real and safe. 

With all our advances in technology and AI, the dating process is not entirely automated, and a skeptical person might say that it does not work as easily as it should. Some services do extensive assessments of their members, hundreds of questions and then using proprietary algorithms, they search their data to make better matches. Given all our advances surely the success rate is 100%? But it is not – something called chemistry gets in the way. Chemistry is that special something that will cause a person not fitting your profile fit, or conversely someone that should be a match not work out. Assessments and algorithms cannot measure chemistry even though they are measuring as many as 100 data points. That said, these assessments and formulas around accountability do ensure that the basics are met and certainly the chances for great chemistry are improved by these steps.

When brands want to utilize influencers as part of their marketing strategy the Kyndex provides a similar service and capability. Once we understand the brand, their wants and needs, their sensitivity regarding risk, the desired audience and demographics and the geography that they want to reach, then we can start letting the data do its thing. The Kyndex is measuring more than 100 data points to help establish the best matches and then the brand will know they are at least selecting from influencers that have some commonality and some synergy with their needs.

But just like dating, the story of finding the perfect match does not simply end with a Kyndex score, chemistry between the brand and the influencer is still a factor. But the head start given and the amount of work that is eliminated by simply using the Kyndex provide an enormous advantage.

The most effective influencer campaigns have this special ingredient of chemistry. Usually, the best way for a brand to establish whether this exists is by interviewing the influencers and asking the right questions. A good interview is a conversation that will lead to a better understanding of the influencer and a trust will be established. Developing trust and understanding the influencer allows the relationship to develop and flourish. The Kyndex report helps brands as they interview influencers by providing some of the data required to ask those perfect questions. Look at the chart below that we pulled from an actual Kyndex report, what would this data prompt you to ask about when interviewing this influencer?



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