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Kelly McDonald

. Mar 11 . 2 min read

We Are Public on WeFunder

Today we are announcing our opening up of our seed round funding to the public on Wefunder. We are very excited to invite you to join us as an investor in Kyndoo.

Two and half years ago, I was sitting in a meeting discussing whether or not to hire an influencer to promote the company I was working for at the time.  I had a simple question: "How do I know if they are real or if they just bought all of their followers?" I had no idea that a simple question would change my life.  

Flash forward to today, my Co-founder Jin and I have a company and technology built around the most powerful network effect, trust.  Kyndoo aims to be the most trusted name in social commerce, and we are well on our way.  We have an incredible network of authentic influencers who are restoring trust in the industry with each brand deal.  We also have one of the most experienced and talented teams in the space ready to tackle social commerce’s most significant issues: Fraud, Attribution, and Brand Safety.  

Jin and I want to open our raise to the public because we are building more than a data company.  We are building an ecosystem and community that includes many stakeholders that often don’t get a seat at the table to make their voice heard.  More than 84% of influencers are women.  The industry also over-indexes on People of Color.  We know Influencers are small business owners.  We want to help the good ones stand out. It's the same reason that we don't allow for in-kind offers on our platform.  We want to be a part of the solution in this country when it comes to ensuring equity for all, so what better way could there be than offering the future equity of our business. 

We chose Wefunder because we wanted a platform that would match the caliber and success of our institutional investors, like 500 Startups. Wefunder more than met that bar. We're honored to be raising on the same platform that Zenifits, Checkr, and Ironclad all chose for their previous rounds. Wefunder will also provide a great networking opportunity for us as a business. 

To learn more about our story, projected growth, and the amazing team that makes Kyndoo possible, check out our Investment page and join the round. We invite you to invest now before our official announcement on social media next week. As an early bird investor, you’ll have access to the same terms as our seasoned angels.  

We are excited to offer you a seat at the table. 

Kelly McDonald 

CEO and Co-Founder, Kyndoo

Our Investment Page:



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