Predictive Outcomes, Prescriptive Actions.

When we started Kyndoo, we believed that there are thousands of amazing and talented influencers out there. They care about their audience, the brands they work with, and the authenticity of standing behind the products they represent.  We were right.  We've met hundreds of talented creators since starting this business.  We found from talking with them that they share the same concern as the brands looking to hire them, #Fakeinfluencers crowding the industry.  So we set out to do something about it.  Our North Star at Kyndoo is to predict the outcomes of influencer campaigns before the first post. How do we get there? We aim to help our 100% vetted influencers build a profitable business by building tools, insights, and a platform that allows Social Influencers to professionalize their business while providing brands with the data they need to be confident they will see a positive ROI.

Our Vision

Kyndoo is THE data platform for social commerce.

We're making social influence a predictable paid revenue channel for marketers and ensuring the financial independence of our creators in the "gig economy."
Our Mission

We provide transparency, education, and leadership to the social influence industry.

Our technology at Kyndoo makes influencer marketing a no-brainer. We are fanatical about the results. Ensuring the highest ROI for marketers and leading to client retention and growth for the influencers.
Our Core Values

Our core values are our north star. They help us guide the business and hire the right team members.

Transparency is everything. And everyone is equal.
Data rules. We are all owners.
Save the drama for your mama.
No Bureaucrats.
Share the light. Refer a friend.

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