Finally! Influencer Marketing Done Right!

Since starting Kyndoo in 2018, we've spoken with hundreds of talented influencers.  What we found out, is that they share the same concern as the brands looking to hire them. #Fakeinfluencers! Influencers with fake followers and fake engagement are crowding and hurting the industry.  So we set out to do something about it.  

We built a database of only vetted influencers with authentic audiences and a platform that provides brands with the data they need to see a positive ROI.

Today, our North Star at Kyndoo is to predict the outcomes of influencer campaigns before the first post. How do we do this? Our systems and team of engineers continuously aggregate and analyze the millions of posts that are shared every day to identify the latest trends and the next emerging micro influencers.

Our Vision

To be the most effective and reliable social commerce data company.

We're making social influence a predictable paid revenue channel for marketers and ensuring the financial independence of our creators in the "gig economy."
Our Mission

We provide transparency, education, and leadership to the social influence industry.

Our technology at Kyndoo makes influencer marketing a no-brainer. We are fanatical about the results. Ensuring the highest ROI for marketers and leading to client retention and growth for the influencers.
Our Core Values

Our core values guide us, all of our decisions and our culture. We are passionate about the truth and our data. We believe online date should be available for everyone so they can make informed business decisions.

Transparency is everything. And everyone is equal.
Data rules. We are all owners.
Save the drama for your mama.
No Bureaucrats.
Share the light. Refer a friend.

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