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Restoring Trust In The Social Commerce Industry

Since starting Kyndoo, we've spoken with thousands of influencers. The real ones and the fake ones. The difference? The real ones have followings that are real people, not bots. #FakeFluencers can be hard to spot in plain sight, based solely on their follower count and post’s likes because they have thousands of bots filling in the numbers. This is because #FakeFluencers pay for followers to make them appear #FakeFamous. These days, it’s easy to fake social media fame with just a few clicks of a button and a couple of hundred bucks to “invest” in an entourage of bots.

#FakeFluencers are hurting the industry in general. Brands that they have duped or the Influencer Marketplaces that promote them are losing their belief that this is a viable form of marketing. 

We took it upon ourselves to stop influencer fraud, find out who their followers are, their interests, and if these followers have buying intent. It sounds like a huge feat! But being tech geeks passionate about exposing truths and analyzing data, we knew #WeKyndooIt.

We built a database of vetted influencers with authentic audiences and a platform that provides brands with attribution tools, brand safety measurements, and campaign management. The result? Sales. A positive ROI. And a restored belief in influencer marketing.

Brands are happy. Real influencers are happy. We’re happy.

Our Vision

To be the most trusted data company. We're making social influence a predictable paid revenue channel for brands and ensuring the financial independence of real influencers in the gig economy.

Our Mission

We provide transparency, education, and leadership to the social influence industry. Our platform makes influencer marketing a no-brainer. We are fanatical about the results. Ensuring the highest ROI for brands and a long-term client-influencer relationship.

Our core values guide our decisions and culture. We are passionate about equality, data, and keeping it real.

Transparency is everything. And everyone is equal.
Data rules. We are all owners.
Save the drama for your mama.
No Bureaucrats.
Share the light. Refer a friend.