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How We Work

Kyndoo brings brands and influencers together via a transparent platform where brands are armed with relevant, verified information regarding influencer authenticity, engagement and campaign results. We do the dirty work of detecting fraudulent influencer engagement, then score each influencer appropriately using what we call the Kyndex. You don’t pay simply to get access to a list of unvetted influencers; you pay only for rock-solid analysis that enables you to make the ultimate influencer match.

Both parties understand what’s expected of them, and influencer payment comes only when the job is completed. The result? Highly targeted campaigns that present the right product to the right audience at the right time. Finally, eager brands and authentic influencers can come together to execute campaigns that yield significant returns for everyone involved. Welcome to influencer marketing, the Kyndoo way. Do you have your eye on an influencer and need to know whether they’re worth your time? Request a free Kyndex report today.

Why Choose Kyndoo...

As a Brand

Ensuring an ROI

Influencer marketing is one of the most powerful methods to get your product in front of people with buying intent. As impressive as the outcome of using influencers can be, it is crucial that you work with influencers that connect with your market. For instance, if your company sells alcohol, using an Instagram model with a huge fanbase of teenagers to promote your product won’t bring you the sales you need.

This is where Kyndoo comes in. We will help you evaluate influencers, authenticate audiences, and predict outcomes through extensive data analysis. Our influencers are vetted for their authenticity and their ability to drive results. Before engaging in a campaign, we’ll first look into their audience and give you relevant insights. We need to know: are they going to buy your product?

Once your campaign is running, we will use tools that we developed to track attribution and predict returns. We believe that authenticity are what this industry needs for it to keep thriving; and we’re so excited to be the leading charge in driving transparency in this industry.